Mounds View Irondale Youth Hockey Association

2019-2020 Season Registration


Welcome to the 2019-2020 Season Registration.

This registration session will ask you to provide Player and Guardian Information, sign consents and submit player intentions.  To complete registration through our secure site, please have your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or checking account information available. Upon completion of registration a charge from Mounds View Youth Hockey will appear on your account.

Warm-Ups are included in the season registration fee.  The deadline to register your child to participate in Tryouts is midnight, September 12. You may still register your child for the season after this date, but they are no longer eligible to participate in tryouts.    As of September 13, Registration for Tryouts is NOW CLOSED!

Mite Information - Please read BEFORE you register


We offer 4 full-season co-ed Mite levels to best serve the varying ages, skills and experience of our Mite-aged participants (skaters older than 4 and younger than 9 on July 1, 2019).  We also offer an early-season introductory opportunity for newer skaters to participate called Learn to Play Hockey [LTPH] which can either dovetail right into a full season program or end after the initial 8 sessions, depending on the skater’s interest.  We think LTPH is a great option if you are new to hockey; it’s a minimal investment (time and money) vs. signing up for a full season.

Which registration option should I pick?

  • Learn to Play (new players only)
  • Mite 1 (no evaluation)
  • Mite Evaluation

Rule of Three:  Our youth hockey coaches collaborated on the following guidance for our hockey parents called the Rule of Three.  If a player’s grade + years of hockey experience is greater than (or equal to) 3 they will participate in Mite Evaluations.  Take their grade level as a number value (Pre-K & Kindergarten = 0, 1st grade = 1, 2nd grade = 2, 3rd grade = 3) and add their year(s) of hockey experience (never played = 0, played 1 year = 1, played 2 years = 2) as a number value to determine a final value.  If the final value number is less than 3, enroll them in Mite 1.  If the number is equal to or larger than 3, enroll them in Mite Evaluations. 

No 3rd graders should enroll in Mite 1, no matter their experience.

Examples for illustration:

For example, a 1st grader who has played 1 year of hockey (1 + 1) would enroll in Mite 1.  For example, a 2nd grader with 0 years of hockey (2 + 0) would enroll in Mite 1.  For example, a 2nd grader with 1 year of hockey experience would enroll in Mite Evaluations (2 + 1 = 3).  For example, a 3rd grader with 0 years of hockey (3 + 0 = 3) would enroll in Mite Evaluations.

Unless approved by special exception by the Mite Coordinator, new skaters and children who are younger than 1st Grade (or their birthdate happened since July 1, 2014) should enroll in Mite 1.  All other skaters will take part in the Mite Evaluation process and their placement will be determined by an on-ice evaluation during the third week of the season.  Mite 2, Mite 3 and Mite 4 teams will be formed after the evaluation process which we anticipate will occur the between the weekend of October 26-27 & November 2-3.

Please direct any questions to the Mite Coordinator or visit the below page for additional information.

Timm Ideker

Mite Coordinator


General Registration questions can be directed to: Shannon

Shannon Madison

Registration Coordinator

You can edit player information at a later time, but you MUST do so online.

In order to edit or add player information:

  1. Log in to your Sport Ngin Account
  2. Locate your dashboard (top left hand corner of the screen)
  3. Click on the small arrow to registration
  4. Click on this registration session
  5. Edit the page of the registration you need to update.